A statement released by parents of Arab residents of Israeli killed by
the Israeli police in October 2000 issued a press release denying
Israeli reports that they reached a deal with Israel to pay them
compensation without holding the state responsible for their death.

Eight out of 13 families of Arab Israeli citizens killed by police in October 2000 rejected a government proposal to pay them financial compensation since the government did not take responsibility for the deaths caused by its officers.

The families confirmed that they will not accept any compensation deal offered to them by the state as long as the deal does not include filing charges against the Israeli officers responsible for the fetal shootings.

The families added that they believe that Israel is defending the the soldiers responsible for the killings and that they will continue their efforts until “bringing the accused to a far trial for the crimes they committed”.

The families object to the principle of “trading the blood of their beloved with money”, but the issue of compensation, they believe, should not be discussed before the officers responsible for the deaths are brought to justice.