During an Israeli court session for the abducted Palestinian ministers
and legislators, Palestinian Minister of Finance, Dr. Omar Abdul-Raziq,
addressed the court through his lawyer Usama Al Sa'ady, complaining
from the soldiers violations and their refusal to remove the chains
from the hands of the ministers and legislators at the waiting room
before they are sent to the courtroom.

The officials were at the court, chained, and wearing their prison clothes while the officers at the Nahshon military devision did not accept to untie them.

After Abdul-Raziq complained to the judge, who later on asked the officer who replied in a provocative way; “thats true, I do not have to untie their chains, even if they are waiting in the fortified waiting room, this is my own decision, I only have to untie them if they want to use the toilet”.

The officer added that these orders will be implemented no-mater if the detainees are in court or elsewhere. The judge did not comment and said that this issue will be discussed in other court sessions.
The court was adjourned until later time, as the judge said that the issue of prosecuting the detained ministers and legislators has political aspects that are connected with the release of the captured soldier in Gaza, and the formation of the National Unity Government in the Palestinian territories.

Israel took dozens of ministers, legislators and senior officials prisoner after three Palestinian armed groups carried a raid at an Israeli military base and abducted Israeli corporal Gilad Shalit. Two soldiers and two fighters were killed in the attack that was carried out on June 25, 2006.