The Israeli army invaded the village of Qarawit Bani Hassan near the West Bank city of Salfit, demolished one house and one sheep shad on Thursday.

The house and the shad belong to resident Nabil Khalil; the house provides shelter for more than 30 family members.

Soldiers did not allow the family to evacuate their belongings, residents reported.

Local youth clashed with the invading Israeli forces after soldiers opened fire at residents, one car that belongs to the village council was hit by rounds of live ammunition during the clashes.

Soldier also handed over some 30 demolishing orders to 30 families in the village; army wants to demolish the house within a week.

Army claims that the houses were built without a license, the Israeli Authorities rarely give building permits to Palestinians living in areas that are controlled by the army, and the process of issuing those permits usually takes long periods of time, and consumes a lot of money’ but in most cases permits are not issued.