A senior Palestinian source reported on Thursday evening that
Palestinian armed groups offered Israel a limited cease fire in
exchange to an Israeli suspension of all attacks and operations in the
Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The factions came to an agreement to halt the firing of homemade shells into Israel during a Thursday evening meeting with the Palestinian Prime Minster, Ismail Haniyya, and representatives of national and Islamic factions.

The initiative was first offered by the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, who asked Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya to present the offer to leaders of Palestinian factions.

Several armed groups said that they will not cease the firing of homemade shells if Israel continues its operations and shelling.

The Palestinian sources stated that the factions are waiting for Abbas to officially present the offer to the Israeli side.

Meanwhile, Avihai Edr'ey, spokesperson of the Israeli army, said that Israel does not give weigh to this offer and that troops will continue to operate in the Gaza Strip.

He added that suspending the military offensive depends on a higher Israeli political decision, while a spokeswoman of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Amira Aron, described that offer as positive.

Aron added that Israel needs “to test the seriousness off this offer” in the coming days before it discusses it, but the military offensive would resume until the government makes a decision.

Khader Habeeb, one of the political leaders of the Islamic Jihad, said that Hamas, Fateh and other groups have reached an understanding regarding the cessation of fire during their meeting with Haniyya.

Habeeb added that the deal would only take effect if Israeli agrees to it, and ends the military offensive.