The Israeli army shot and killed one resident and critically wounded a 9-year old boy, in the northern Gaza Strip on Friday morning


Palestinian medical sources reported that Ayman Mohamed Judah, 24, was killed after Israeli troops fired live rounds at him. Alaa Salman, 9 was critically wounded in the northern part of the Gaza Strip on Friday before noon, after being shot by the invading Israeli army in the area, according to Palestinian medical sources from Kamal Adwan Hospital. With Judah, the death toll in Gaza since Thursday stands at 9 residents, mostly civilians. The sources added that the number of injured since Thursday have reached 30 residents including several critical injuries.

In the meantime Israeli tanks and bulldozers invaded the village of Khuza'a, east of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza strip on Friday morning. Bulldozers started to destroy farm lands and green houses that belong to local farmers while tanks opened fire randomly at residents' homes. Damage to homes was reported, but no injures.

In Beit Lahiya town, north of the Gaza Strip, Israeli tanks fired their heavy machine guns and shells at Al Shikh Zaied neighborhood, causing damage to residents' houses. Medical sources said that hospitals received no injuries until the time of this report. 

On the other hand the residents of Gaza have continued to nonviolently resist the army's policy of targeting resistance fighters' homes in the Gaza Strip. On Friday morning Mustafa Kahil, a resident of Gaza City, received a phone call from the Israeli army asking him to leave his home in 15 minutes because the army will bomb it.

As soon as the neighbors and the rest of the city residents got the word, hundreds of them- old, young, even children rushed to the house of Kahil, took over the roof top and made themselves into human shields forcing the army to abandon its plans to bomb the house. Once again civilians have interferred with the army's plans to target their houses since the summer rain operation that started on July 2006.