The Israeli army took seven residents prisoner in two separate
invasions in Jenin city refugee camp in the north of the West Bank and
Taqua village near Bethlehem city in the south of the West Bank on
Friday morning.

In Jenin refugee camp, troops and army vehicles stormed the area with soldiers attacking resident's houses, searching and ransacking the properties whilst forcing the families into the street for interrogation. Eyewitnesses reported that these interrogations included children.

Israeli soldiers also took photos of some houses and streets in the refugee camp before leaving and taking with them seven residents as prisoners.  Known names from this group include: Ali Al Nada, Mustafa Al Natur, Ala' Sahreef, Mohamed Irssan and two his sons.

Local sources in Jenin city reported that Israeli forces have been invading the city and its refugee camp on a daily basis for the past few months and taking prisoners.

In the meantime in the south of the West Bank east of Bethlehem city, troops and army jeeps invaded the village of Taqua, searched a number of houses before taking Ahmad Saliem, 25, to an unknown location, his family reported.