Irene Khan, Secretary General of Amnesty International, is to head a
delegation to Lebanon, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories
to assess the human rights situation in the area following the conflict
between Israel and Hizbullah and other recent developments in the
region, said a press release by Amnesty published on Friday.

The visit will extend for 9 days, starting in Lebanon on December 2.  The Secretary General's visit to Palestine and Israel on 6 – 11 December, where she will meet with both Palestinian and Israeli human rights activists, representatives of civil society and government officials.

According to the press release, it is planned that Khan will visit the Gaza Strip on December 8.

Irene Khan's visit to the Middle East will coincide with International Human Rights Day on 10 December.

A recent report for Amnesty International regarding the Israeli war on Lebanon, described Hezbollah rocket attacks as war crimes, while described Israeli offensive in Lebanon as a violation of Human Rights.

Palestinian doctors in the Gaza Strip called upon all Human Rights organizations to work to put an end to the Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip which created a catastrophic situation in the Palestinian Strip.

More than 100 Palestinians have been killed in less than a month as a result of the Israeli attacks claiming that Israel aims at stopping the launch of home made Qassam shells at Israeli targets by the Palestinian resistance which has killed 2 Israelis and wounded few others.