Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinians
and injured another two on Saturday at dawn, Palestinian medical sources reproted.

Dr. Muawieh Hasaneen, head of the emergency and ambulances department at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, said the Israeli army have notified that Palestinian border crossing control that Israeli troops stationed at Al-Mintar ( Karen A) border crossing east of Gaza opened fire at the a group of residents near the border crossing located on the buffer zone between the green line and the Gaza strip.

Palestinian ambulances rushed to the area as soon as they gut the news, upon arrival they found one residents dead and another two injured, no names have been issued tell the time of this reported.

Dr. Hasaneen said medics found a body of a young man killed in the fields, however, they could not identify him.  They said he was wearing regular clothes usually used by farmers and workers.

In the meantime Israeli forces continued its offensive in Al Saghaf area east of the Gaza strip, local residents said that the tanks stormed the area and opened fire at the residents and their homes, damage reported but no injuries.

Also on Saturday Israeli army beefed up its forces into Biet Lahia and the northeren parts of the Gaza strip, tanks advance slowly towards the town and frequently open fire at residents houses and at anything that moves, eyewitnesses reported.

With toady's morning killings, the death toll in the Gaza strip due to the Israeli offensive since the beginning of the week stands now at 29 mostly civilians including six children and two women.