Israeli forces broke into a
local TV station and a number houses in the northern West Bank city of Nablus on Saturday mourning, Palestinian sources reproted.

Eyewitnesses said that troops broke into  several houses, searched and ransacked them and
took prisoner four residents leeding them to an unknown location.

Troops attacked several neighborhoods in Nablus, forced families out of their homes then interrogated them before searching and ransacking their houses.

Also, soldiers broke into Gama local TV station located in the city center, checked the identification cards of the employees and searched the offices before leaving the station.

During the military offensive into the city, troops took prisoner four residents; the four were identified as Firas Al Batia, 19, Tamer Kilunah, Sa'ed Al Khaskhash, 18, and Noah Al Khafsh, 24, all were taken to unknown locations.

Moreover, soldiers fired live rounds and sound bombs at residents near Al Nabi Mousa mosque in the town of Balata, near Nablus.

In a related incident, several army jeeps clashed with local youth near Askar refugee campduring a Friday night invasion; two youth were injured.

Mousa Nawaja', 15, was critically woounded and moved to a Rammallah hospital for treatment, while Murad Abu Ghadab, 16 sustained moderate injuries and was moved to a hospital in Nablus, medical sources reported.