In his first trip outside of the Gaza Strip since he took office, Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, left Gaza through the Rafah Border Crossing in a tour that aims at solidifying the relations between the Palestinian government and the Arab and Islamic countries.


Head of the Minister Council, Dr. Mohammad Awad, and government spokesperson Dr. Ghazi Hamad are also with Haniyya is his tour.

Haniyya hopes that his tour will be able to provide the needed support for the Palestinian government, and the people, living under strict Israeli siege and international embargo.

Haniyya told reporters before the left the Gaza Strip that he carries with him several important files such the political and economical files, adding that his tour aims at strengthening the relations between Palestine and the countries he will visit.

He also said that he will be heading to Damascus to meet with leaders of Palestinian factions stationed there in order to discuss the issue of developing and activating the role of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

Hamas and the Palestinian factions stationed in Syria are not part of the PLO; Hamas said it is willing to join the PLO but after certain reforms are carried out.

Commenting on truce, Haniyya stated that the Palestinian stance is clear, resistance will stop firing homemade shells and Israeli in return should stop its invasions, arrests and attacks in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.