A woman in Jenin gave her life on Monday to save a young man. Israeli forces shot Mahmoud Abdul Razik Baker Nasser in front of Fatima Mahmoud Ahmed Shriem's northern West Bank home. The women of Qabatia Village, just to the south of Jenin, sang for Fatima as they walked in her funeral procession.


Fatima died trying to pull the young man, Mahmoud, to safety. Medical sources in Dr. Khaled Suleiman Memorial Hospital in Jenin said that she died from blood loss, not from the gunshots. Israeli forces kept the area under siege for hours. No one could leave their homes and ambulances could not reach the victims.

Her husband, Mahmoud Hafez, stood still after the mourners carrying his wife's body had taken their rest. He tried to control his tears, but they fell heavily. “Where is the 'calm,' the 'cease-fire,' when they continue to kill in cold blood, leaving bodies to slowly bleed to death.”

The incident occurred during an Israeli invasion of the Jenin area village. A number of Israeli soldiers had broken into homes, using them as sniper towers. Members of the armed resistance from Qabatia tried to fend off the invaders, but to no avail.

A leader of the Salah Ed Deen Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, said that this is one of the ambush tactics the Israelis have been re-employing as of late. "They hide inside a house and then open fire when no one knows they were there in the first place."

Fatima's husband said that his wife heard the sounds of a young man injured at the gate of their home. “She started screaming and rushed to save him. It was clear she was not a member of the armed resistance, so that cannot be the reason the Israelis use to explain this murder.”

His words choked and he collapsed after saying, “The Israeli soldiers continued their shooting. They wouldn't stop.”