Dr. Salah Bardaweel, spokesperson of the Hamas “Change and Reform bloc” at the Palestinian legislative Council, accused on Thursday a stream within Fateh movement of attempting to void the results of the Legislative elections that brought an overwhelming victory for Hamas.

Al Bardaweel stated that this stream is trying to push Hamas away from the Authority under the pretext of “ending the siege imposed on the Palestinian people”.
“These statements are acts of mutiny, they are uttered by people who do not want national unity”, Bardaweel stated, “Those people do not want a steadfast government that will not give away the Palestinian national rights”.

According to Bardaweel, some of Fateh leaders are claiming that president Mahmoud Abbas will dissolve the parliament, void the elections and declare an emergency government.

“This is serious, irrational, and an attempt to add tension to the situation in order to create conflicts”, he added, “I believe that president Abbas does not agree with these methods, and does not approve these acts”.

Also, Bardaweel added that the president cannot make any decision that violates the constitution.

He also said that all factions should adopt the National Unity Document, especially since there are developments in national unity talks.

“But those officials want to prove that Hamas is the problem”, he said, “They want to isolate the movement, and lift the siege in order to show that Hamas is internationally rejected”.