The Israeli High Court rejected on Thursday a petition filed by the
“Movement for Quality Government in Israel” to replace the Winograd
committee which is investigating the handling of Israeli-Lebanon war by
a state commission inquiry, Israeli online daily, Haaretz reported.

The request was rejected by a slim majority of four justices to three, and is considered a go-ahead move to the Winograd committee to continue its probe after all legal obstacles have been removed by the ruling.

Haaretz added that the justices slammed in their ruling the government’s decision to appoint the state-commissioned inquiry.

"The High Court's abstention does not indicate its contentment with the way in which the government made the decision, nor does it give its seal of public approval for appointing the committee," the justices wrote as published by Haaretz.

According to Haaretz, all High Court justices who voted in favor of the petition were members of the original panel who heard the petition two months ago, the judges are and Elyakim Rubenstein, Ayala Procaccia and Miriam Naor.

The judges who rejected the petition are Asher Grunis, Slaim Jubran and Eliezer Rivlin.

Justice Procaccia wrote in her ruling that “there was a flaw in how the investigation committee was appointed to probe war events”.