"The calm is on the edge of collapse due to the continued Zionist
violations and the attacks against our Palestinian people in the West
Bank and Gaza", stated Abu Ahmed, spokesman for the armed wing of the
Islamic Jihad in Gaza, on Sunday.

Abu Ahmed pledged that the group would carry out attacks against Israel within the next day, in response to "more than 70 violations of the ceasefire" by Israel.  He added, "Nobody should blame us for any reaction our brigades take in the coming hours in response to the violations by the Zionist occupation."

Meanwhile, the Hamas movement also announced the suspension of its participation in the ceasefire, stating that "the discussion of the issue in the current circumstances stands against Palestinians. The internal situation should be given the top priority".

In a statement issued in Gaza, the movement stated "the comprehensive truce should come as part of a comprehensive national program for the next stage. Maybe the truce can be part of it, but this time is needed to make sure it is mature and ready."

Israeli forces have killed seven Palestinians in the seven days since the ceasefire took effect. At the same time, the Israeli Defense Minister has accused the Palestinian side of violating the ceasefire, saying that fifteen homemade shells have been fired by rogue Palestinian resistance fighters across the Gaza-Israel border, causing no injuries or damage.

*this article was sourced from Ma'an News