Member of the Fateh Central Committee, Palestinian Legislator, Nabil
Shaath, said on Monday that it early elections or a referendum are
possible solutions to the current diplomatic crises and the siege
imposed on the Palestinian people.

In an interview with the Ramattan News Agency, Shaath stated that national unity talks stopped when Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, from the Hamas movement, travelled abroad before any breakthrough was reached.

Shaath added that Fateh does not have preconditions regarding controlling certain ministries in the government, and that the movement is interested in a government that includes all Palestinian factions.

Commenting on the Follow-up Committee meeting on Sunday, Shaath said that the meeting was successful and that the parties discussed the truce in Gaza and the West Bank, but said that the absence of Hamas representatives from the meeting “is unjustified especially since the movement was part of the ceasefire deal”.

The Follow-up meeting of National and Islamic factions held a meeting on Sunday to discuss the truce, but the absence of Hamas forced the committee to delay the deliberations.