Israeli forces invaded the village of Kafer Dan, west of the northern
West Bank city of Jenin and took at least 25 residents prisoner, on Wednesday

Hundreds of Israeli soldiers and more than 30 armored vehicles attacked the village the conducted a wide scale house to house search campaign.

Troops were spotted interrogating residents, searching and ransacking their belongings before taking some of them away, eyewitnesses reported.

Among those abducted were; Hisham Mer'e, 46, his brother Yassen, 28, Wasif Salah, 60, his sons, Bushara, 38, Nasser, 27, Ghazi, 33, Mohamed, 28, Yahia Salah, and his brother Shadi, Fawaz Abed, 39, his brothers Mahier, 37, and Mohamed, 35.

Also soldiers took; Nisfat Nadaf, 56, his son Ziad, 25, Mustafa Abd Al Latif, 54, his sons Bilal, 19, Wassem, 26, and Abd Al Latif, 25, also Lutfi Abed, 24, Saleh Ashour, 56, his son Ra'ed, 27, Mohamed Darwish, 39, Khairi, Abu Al Higa, 24, his brother Mohamed, 23,  Salah Salah, and Ahmad Salah.

Army took all of them to unknown locations, their familes said.

Soldiers are still in the village searching and attacking homes, while military vehicles and blocking all entrances and exits.

Also norther part of the West Bank, Israeli army invaded the city of Nablus on Wedesnday at dawn, and took prisoner three residents.

Iyad Mishah, 46, Mohamed Hamdan, 21, and Nadir Al Zuwani, 21 were taken to unknown locations when troops attacked and searched several houses in the city, local sources reported.

Recently , Israeli troops intesified the invasion in the occupied West Bank, and took hundreds of residents prisoner.

The Palestinians fear that Israel will try to use the abducted residents as a bragaining chip for releasing the captured Israeli soldier in the Gaza Strip, Gild Shalit.