The Palestinian Right of Return Coalition, through the Bethlehem Center
for Citizenship Rights, is holdings its annual competition in the arts.
The award is granted to “the most creative in releasing their energies
in the domain of the national cause, in particular refugee rights,” a
Friday statement reads.

“The most important characteristic of the annual prize is that it extends to include all of historic Palestine and the Palestinians in their different manifestations."

The call for submissions continued, "The field is open, participation is broad, and is not limited to only one class or another. While the Center offers the opportunity for specialization and expertise, it also opens the door to the potential for finding a second point of entry.”

Awards will be given in five fields including oral history, short story, television, research paper and poster. Fifty thousand dollars will be divided among the winners; those who “find creative ways to express their roots.” Competition is open from December 2006 through February 2007.