The Israeli army invaded two radio stations in Hebron and took one of their staff prisoner in the West Bank city of Hebron on Thursday night, Palestinian sources reproted.

At lest 10 army vehicles surrounded the building where the two stations offices are then stormed the offices, soldiers forced the employees of the two stations in one room, then searched and ransacked the studios.

Eyewitness reports say that troops invaded Siraj and Radio Al Huriya local radio stations and abducted Siraj station director Abd Al Jabar Abu Sneinah.

Sa'ed Al Shyukhi, a journalist at Radio Al Huria (Freedom Radio) told IMEMC that soldiers forcefully strip-searched all the employees, then locked them up them in one small room. 

He added that all 15 journalists were forced to crouch for 2 hours, " The treated us as like animals" Al Shyukhi said.

Soldiers also confiscated the transmitter of Siraj radio claming it intrrupts Israeli army gunships flying over Hebron area.  They also took some other equipments of the station.

According to Shyukhi, troops took Abu Sneinah to unknown location saying that they will release him soon, however, so far, he has not been released.

Israeli army often assult journalist in an attempt to force to leave the area in order not to document the Israeli violations of Human Rights in Palesine, which will make them look bad, Al-Shyukhi added.