Sources at the United Nations in New York reported on Friday that the
investigation committee appointed by the United Nations to investigate
the Beit Hanoun Israeli attack on November 8, will arrive in the Gaza
Strip on December 14.

The committee was slated to arrive on December 11 but UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, instructed it to head to Gaza after the Geneva Human Rights Committee, headed by bishop Desmond Tutu finishes its investigation. Therefore, the UN committee delayed its arrival until December 14. 

The committee will be headed by Steffan De-Mistora, Personal Representative of the UN Secretary-General, in Iraq, and will be accompanied by members of the UN political and legal departments.

The General Assembly of the United Nations approved on November 17 a resolution asking Annan to form a committee that would investigate the Beit Hanoun Israeli military shelling against civilian houses which led to the death of twenty civilians, most of them were family members.