Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, strongly denounced the Gaza
attack carried by unknown gunmen who shot and killed four Palestinian
children children in Gaza City after opening fire at a car in Al Rimal
area, in Gaza city, five residents were injured, some seriously.

“We strongly denounce this crime, those criminals must be arrested”, Abbas stated, “I asked the Minister of Interior to follow this case, those assailants must be brought to justice”.

Meanwhile, vice Prime Minister, Dr. Nasser Al Sha'er, from the Hamas party, said that the government suspended all of its activities in protest to the killings.

Al Sha'er added that chaos can only be stopped by forming a National Unity Government, and demanded Abbas to carry the needed measures to reveal the identity of the attackers and bring them to justice. 

Khaled Abu Hilal, media spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior slammed the attack and said that he instructed the security devices to search for and locate the attackers. 

Fateh legislator, Mohammad Dahlan, also slammed the attack and described it as a crime and a violation to all red lines.

Hamas movements denounced the attack and described it as a crime against humanity. Ismail Radwan, media spokesperson of Hamas, said that the movement denounces this inhuman crime, and demanded the security forces to protect the residents.

Fateh media spokesperson, Tawfik Abu Khousa, said that the attack “proves the brutality of the smear campaign against Fateh and its members”.

Kayid Al Ghoul, member of the Political bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, condemned the attack and demanded Fateh and Hamas to stop the smear campaigns against each other, and resume the internal talks in order to form a national unity government that is capable of protecting the Palestinian people.

Moreover, Khader Habeeb, one of the leaders of the Islamic Jihad, denounced the crime and demanded the security devices to perform their duties in protecting the residents.