Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, concluded on Monday his
visit to Iran and headed to Sudan. Haniyya said that Iran has donated
250 M. USD to aid the Palestinian government and enable it pay salaries
to its employees, and provide the residents with the needed medial

The Palestine Information Center (Palestineinfo) that belongs to Hamas reported that Haniyya told their reporter before leaving Tehran that his visit “achieved its goals” and that Iran is committed in helping the Palestinian people.

Regarding his talks with the Iranian leadership, Haniyya said that he met with Iran’s political and spiritual leadership, and held talks on the Israeli occupation and its practices against the Palestinian people.

The talks also concentrated on the Israeli siege against the Palestinian people and the international blockade imposed on the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

Haniyya stated that Iran decided to donate 100 million Dollars for salaries of employees working with the ministries of Social Affairs, Labor and Culture, which will also enable the government to pay salaries for the detainees for a period of six months.

Also, Haniyya added that the government will be able to pay for 100.000 unemployed workers with the rate of 100 dollars for every worker for the period of six months. Fishermen in Gaza will also be paid 100 dollars each for six months.

According to Haniyya, the Iranian leadership adopted the construction of national libraries and the Palestine Cultural Center with an estimated cost of 15 Million Dollars.

20 Million Dollars will also be used for rebuilding houses demolished and shelled by the Israeli army.

Haniyya added that the government will use 5 million to buy Olive oil from the Palestinian farmers.

The Palestineinfo also reported that the government intends to fix two planes that belong to the Palestine Airways through a Dutch company with an estimated cost of 1.5 million.

Haniyya added that the government plans to construct 10 specialized clinics that will be fully equipped and financed for ten years.