Hundreds of Palestinian children held a candle procession in front of
the Jabalia police station, in Jabalia town in the southern part of the
Gaza Strip, against the Monday killing of three children by an armed
group. The children chanted slogans demanding their rights of

“Stop chaos, stop insecurity”, one of the banners the children carried reads, “stop the killing of children, we are innocent do not killed us” while other leaflets read “We demand the Minister of Interior to expose the murderers”.

The children also expressed their rejection to chaos and the insecurity and the killing of innocent civilians especially children.

Last Monday, three children, two brothers and their sister,  Osama, 10, Ahmad, 6, and Salam, 3 years old, were killed by an armed group as they left their home for school.

The three children are the sons of of Major Baha' Balousha, a senior Palestinian security officer.