Palestinian sources reported on Saturday morning that an Israeli army force invaded the
northern West Bank city of Nablus, and killed on man.

Ameen Makhluf, 20, was killed after being shot by the soldiers in his neck, chest and both of his legs, medical sources in the city reported.

The invasion started when an army convoy of vehicles and one bulldozer stormed the city of Nablus from several directions, surrounded the city center and the Old City, sharp-shooters were positioned on roof tops of adjacent houses, in an attempt by the army to abduct what they call wanted Palestinians.

A gun fight erupted between the invading troops and local resistance fighters leading to the death of Makhluf who was shot by an Israeli sharp-shooter, eyewitnesses reported.

In related incidents, army invaded several areas in the West Bank, Palestinian sources reported that soldiers invaded Jenin and Tulkarem cities  in the northern part of the West Bank, and Hebron in the southern part of the West Bank.

Military sources claimed that these  invasions were aimed at abducting wanted Palestinians.

Four Palestinians were killed last week in the ongoing Israeli military attacks and invasions.

In one instance, a married couple was killed in Sa’ir village near Hebron when a mysterious object exploded.  The exploding object came from material collected by the husband from an Israeli military training site.

During an invasion into Qalqila in which Israeli troops threw a sound bomb into a house, the bomb exploded near the 56-year-old Latifa ‘Aashour who died of a heart attack when the bomb exploded near her.

Also, army killed one resident on Thursday in Al Ein Refugee camp in Nablus, while another resident was killed on Friday morning in the northern West Bank city of Salfit. 

Israeli soldiers also abducted forty residents, including six children over the last week.