At least one person was killed and seven others were wounded on Tuesday morning in
clashes between the Palestinian General intelligence service and the
Executive forces in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources reported.

Ismael Abu Al-Kheir 24, a member of the executive forces that were formed by the Ministry of Interior after Hamas took office in March of 2006, was killed in the exchange of fire.

Medical sources in Gaza city said the clashes erupted on the campus of Al-Shifa hospital in the city and that the clashes are still ongoing.


Later at around 9:30 am on Tuesday Palestinian
sources reported that unknown gunmen kidnapped Hamudah Al Saqa, high ranking
officer in the
Palestinian General Intelligence forces, the sources stated that Al Saqa was kidnapped from his home
near Al Shifa hospital in Gaza city.

Unrest between the two main rival parties escalated after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called last Saturday for holding Presidential and Parliamentary elections early in the Palestinian territories.

Abbas said this is the only solution left to get the Palestinian people out of the tough blockade they have been subjected to since March of 2006.

Hamas and Fatah traded accusations of who was to blame for causing this civil unrest that has claimed the lives of several Palestinians.