Thirty village councils in Bethlehem voiced an appeal to all
Palestinian factions in order to stop the internal clashes and solidify
the ceasefire between the armed groups, especially Fateh and Hamas who
engaged in violent clashes.

The appeal addressed all factions, civil society institutions, unions, and educational facilities and urged them to act in order to solidify ceasefire in order to avoid any further spilling of Palestinian blood.

The appealing institutions stated that an agreement should be reached fast in order to give hope for the people who want to live in peace and security.

The appeal demanded the Palestinian factions to unify their aims and efforts towards the main challenge which is lifting the Israeli siege and achieving liberty and independence.

Moreover, the appeal stated that the Palestinian people are facing a serious stage which involves vast immigration of youth and businessmen while the Israeli occupation continued its attacks and assaults against the people and their property.

Engineer Ra’ed Samara, member of Batteer village council, said that the appeal aims at ending the violence and internal clashes and urges the people unify their efforts towards national unity that is capable of countering the Israeli occupation and its illegal practices.