The Israeli army tightened military measures on Sunday in different areas of the West Bank, ahead of the Muslim holiday Aladha Eid and the Christian holiday Christmas.

In Tulkarem city, Israeli soldiers tightened checkpoints around the city, isolating it from nearby towns and refugee camps.  Local sources told WAFA News Agency that soldiers demanded that visitors to the city show them photocopies of their Tulkarem relatives.

At the southern checkpoint of Alnafaq, Israeli soldiers used trained dogs to search passersby, an intimidation tactic that forced many people to change their routes to avoid this harsh treatment.

Early on Sunday morning the Israeli army placed several checkpoints around the town, local sources said. In Nablus City, the Israeli soldiers added another military checkpoint at the entrance of Talouza neighborhood, to the north of the city, eyewitnesses said.

Local sources added that a similar checkpoint was placed at the entrance of the Askar refugee camp, north of Nablus, delaying hundreds of vehicles for several hours, many on their way to feasts and celebrations of both Muslim and Christian holidays of Aladha Eid and Christmas.

According to Palestinian sources, the Israeli army has placed more than 300 military checkpoints and roadblocks in various West Bank areas, complicating and often preventing the movement of people and goods between Palestinian cities, towns, villages and refugee camps.