Egyptian President Husni Mubarak stressed that a fair solution to the Palestinian question would lead to stability in the Middle East.

In a speech to the Arab League yesterday, delivered on his behalf by the Egyptian Head of Parliament, Fathi Srour, President Mubarak stated that he believed that guaranteeing the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people is one of the pillars of world peace.

The president considered the question of Palestine to be the core of current Middle East’s problems and solving this a question is a key factor of peace-making in the Middle East.

The speech came on the first anniversary of inauguration of the Arab transitional parliament.

Noteworthy, Cairo has been recently exerting relentless mediation efforts between the Israelis and Palestinians in an attempt to resume the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, which has been stalled since 2000.

Israel still occupies the West Bank and East Jerusalem, maintains strict military control over the Gaza Strip, holds controversial Sheb’a farmlands in southern Lebanon and has taken over the Syrian Golan Heights, areas marked by United Nations as parts of the occupied Arab territories occupied by Israel since 1967.