Israeli activists blocked central downtown of the Israeli city of Tel Aviv
with razor wire from the illegal Wall on Thursday afternoon.

The activists stretched the razor wire across Basel Street with a sign from the Wall that reads in Arabic, Hebrew and English: "Anyone who touches the fence endangers their life." The twenty activists from the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall, who attend the weekly Friday demonstrations against the illegal Wall in Bil'in, a village near the northern West Bank city of Rammallah, set up the blockade at around 2pm and started handing out flyers to passersby explaining the action.

 The action was taken to protest the Apartheid Wall being built throughout the West Bank, as well as severe travel restrictions forced on Palestinians, Yonaton Pollack an Israeli activist told IMEMC in a phone call.

The leaflets remind Israelis that they bear responsibility for the suffering of Palestinians as a result of their government's apartheid policies.