Israeli forces detained scores of Palestinians in a waiting
hall at the Karameh "Allenby" crossing located at the West Bank –
Jordanian border for a long period of time without informing them of the

Residents reported that this was the third day in a row that Israeli forces have delayed the movement of Palestinian travelers to and from the West Bank, and that the delaying processes mainly target the youth.

Eyewitnesses clarified that the new developments, which the Israeli forces are currently continuing at the crossing, are intended to delay and humiliate Palestinian residents.

The inspection at the first "window" took place with plausible speed, but the second window for inspection proceeded at a very slow pace.  Lately the matter has become unbelievable, the residents added, for Palestinians have been waiting at both places for long periods, totaling no less than two or three hours.

Israeli forces have established a new waiting hall for Palestinians at the border crossing, which indicates that these occurrences may continue indefinitely.