The Israeli Center for Human Rights in the occupied Palestinian territories (B’TSELEM), reported Thursday that the year 2006 saw an obvious deterioration of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially the killing of civilians, demolition of homes and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip

“Since the beginning of 2006 until December 27, Israeli occupation forces killed 660 Palestinians including 141 teenagers”, a special B’TSELEM report pointed out.

The report clarified that since the capture of the Israeli corporal, Gila’d Shalit, by Palestinian fighter in June 25 2006, Israeli troops have  killed 405 Palestinians including 88 children.

The report maintained that Israeli forces’ demolished 292 Palestinian homes, inhibited by 1,769 residents.

Also, the report revealed that Israeli soldiers installed 54 fixed Israeli military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank, including twelve military checkpoints that are installed in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Troops also installed hundreds of roadblocks across West Bank cities, towns, villages and refugee camps totally limiting the movements of residents and restrictions their freedom of travel.

The B'Tselem report also mentioned that Israel created a total of 41 settler-only roads in the West Bank; these roads are totally off-limits to the Palestinian residents.

Regarding the number of residents taken prisoner by the army, the report revealed that until November 2006, the number of detainees arrived to 9075, in addition to 738 who are under administrative detention without charged or trial.

Since June 27, the Israeli army has been waging massive military operations int he Gaza Strip and the West Bank under the pretext of freeing the captured corporal Gilad Shalit who was abducted by armed factions in an attack against an Israeli militay base on June 25.