Israeli sources reported on Thursday that Egypt transferred to
Palestinian Authority security forces, under the direct control of Palestinian President
Mahmoud Abbas of the Fateh party, large amounts of weapons and ammunition. The ruling Hamas
party, long a rival of Fateh, considered the move, “a prescription for civil war”.

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, reported that a large amount of weapons and ammunition were transferred by Egypt to the Palestinian security devices that are loyal to Fateh movement.

The shipments include two million bullets, two thousand Kalashnikov rifles and twenty thousands magazines, the weapons and ammo were transferred through the Kerem Shalom Crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. 

Sources close to the Force 17 presidential guards denied the Israeli report and said that it received no military support from Egypt.

 Meanwhile, Hamas slammed the report and said that any attempt to strengthen a certain factions is considered a “Zionist plan and a prescription for a civil war’.

The statement was made by Mousa Abu Marzouq, vice-president of the Hamas politburo.

Abu Marzouq added that the Israeli report is part of an Israeli campaign to strengthen the security forces in order to prepare for a coup against the government.  

Abu Marzouq also said that the US congress decided to allocate 100 million dollars for the Palestinian presidential guards and that there are talks about three Arab countries that might provide the presidential guards with weapons and equipment.

“The Palestinians need medicine, equipment and child food”, Abu Marzouq stated, “The people are living under siege, they need essential materials, not weapons that are aimed at creating internal confrontations”.