Officials of the rival Fateh and Hamas movements traded accusations
over the renewed violent clashes between the two movements, and accused
each other of acting for further escalation.

Abdul-Hakim Awad, Fateh media spokesperson, said that “what happened in the northern part of the Gaza Strip on Monday is a continuation of what was going on over the last two weeks”.

He added that this act is considered a direct violation by Hamas to the cease-fire agreement reached between the Palestinian factions. 

In an interview with the Ramattan News Agency, Awad stated that these attacks prove that there is a stream within Hamas movement that receives its orders from “foreign sides” in order to escalate tension and inflame further clashes.

Awad also said that members of Hamas abducted the brother of the leader of the Al Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fateh, Sameeh Al Madhoun, and attacked another house that belongs to a member of Fateh.

“These attacks prove that Hamas does not intend to reduce tension”, Awad said, “They are acting in order to create more tension and drag the area into a civil war”.

Awad also slammed the abduction of the foreign reporter in Gaza, described the abduction is a “coward attack”, and called on the Palestinian Authority to protect the reporters and apprehend the assailants.

Meanwhile, Hamas legislator Dr. Ahmad Abu Halbiyya held Fateh responsible for the recent incidents.

Halbiyya stated that there is a stream within Fateh movement that is attempting a coup against the Hamas-led government.

He added that the violent clashes started by a member of Fateh “who is known of creating and causing trouble”.

Halbiyya also said that both Hamas and Fateh gunmen carried abductions against each other in the northern part of the Gaza Strip adding that all abductees were released later on.
Regarding the issue of the abducted French reporter, Halbiyya demanded the Ministry of Interior and the National Security Forces to “strike hard against the parties behind the abduction, and file charges against them”.

He added that every person who abducts internationals,  journalists or locals should be brought to justice.