The Israeli army invaded the northern West Bank cities of Nablus and
Tubass on Wednesday at dawn, attacked residents' homes, wounded one resident and abducted
three includinf the wounded, Palestinian soruces reproted.

Israeli Army vehicles and troops stormed the down town of Nablus and the nearby Balata refugee camp and town.  Troops broke into and ransacked scores of residents' homes.   Eyewitnesses said that sounds of explosions were heard during the invasion along with gun clashes sounds,the family members reported.

Murad Qassab, said to be a Fatah Activist, was abducted by the Israeli troops along with his brother Ala', who was lightly wounded when troops blew up the door of the family house and barged into the house.

In the meantime, also in the northern West Bank, Israeli forces invaded the city of Tubass surrounded the home of Sa'eda Sawaftah, 36, for several hours then broke inside the home, searched and damaged the family belongings before taking Sawaftah to unknown detention camp, Sawaftah is a mother of three children.

Sawaftah's husband reported that soldiers forced his wife, Saeda, on here knees, handcuffed and blindfolded here then bushed her into an army jeep. Her brother was killed during a military operation in Siliat Al Harthia village near Jenin last month.