Israeli media sources reported that Tali Fahima, an Israeli women who was
convicted of having ties with Palestinian resistance fighters late 2005 was
released on Wednesday midday under parole.

Fahima is known for her support to the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fateh, and its leader Zakariyya Zubeidi.

The Israeli prosecution filed several charges against Fahima, the most serious was accusing her of “aiding an enemy in the time of war”, and weapons possession.

Fahima pleaded guilty in December 2005 in a deal with the Israeli prosecution. The deal states that Fahima admits to maintaining contacts with a foreign agent with the intention to harm Israel’s security, and passing information to the enemy in addition to violating a legal order of forbidding entry of Israelis into the Palestinian controlled area.

The prosecution in return dropped charges against her.

Around a hundred of Fahima family, friends and supporters along with her attorney Smadar Ben Natan a waited her outside the Naveh Tirtza prison, were she was released.

Israeli Prisons Authority stated that Fahima is  "banned from leaving the country in the coming year, contacting a foreign agent or entering unauthorized territories," the Israeli online daily Haaretze reported.

commenting on her release, Fahima said "I don't regret anything, and I will continue to work against the occupation and for peace".