Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, said on Thursday night
after midnight following his meeting with the Palestinian President,
Mahmoud Abbas that the two leaders agreed to form a probe committee to
query into the latest incidents of internal violence, and decided to
speed the preparations for a meeting of the National Unity Committee.

The two leaders decided that the talks and the government should be based on the National Unity Document that was prepared and presented by senior Palestinian detainees imprisoned by israel.

Following the meeting, Haniyya told reporters that violence is rejected and denounced, and called on all factions not to resort to violence as a means to resolve their differences.

He also demanded all gunmen to leave the streets and called for the deployment of the Palestinian Police and security forces.

“These incidents do not represent our struggle and history”, Haniyya stated, “We reject these violations”.

Prior to his meeting with Abbas, Haniyya held a press conference in Gaza and called for the cessation of internal violence.

“National unity is a must, it is a national necessity”, Haniyya stated, “Jerusalem is occupied, refugees are still scattered all over the world, and the Wall is annexing our lands”.

The two leaders demanded all gunmen to retreat from the streets and to spare the Palestinian blood.

Haniyya and Abbas said that differences should be resolved peacefully, and through dialogue instead of resorting to violence and gun battles.

Six Palestinians were killed and several others ere injured on Thursday during internal clashes between Fateh and Hamas fighters and members in the Gaza Strip.