The Follow-up committee, formed by Palestinian and National movements, denounced on Thursday the attack which was carried by Executive Force members against the house of a P.A security officer, and demanded the government to dismantle the force, the Ramattan News Agency reported.

Mohammad Abu Ghareeb, a Palestinian security officer was killed along with two of his associates and a bystander when members of the Executive Force shelled his house.

The Committee’s statement came after a meeting between President Mahmoud Abbas and Egyptian security delegates.  

Fawzi Barhoum and Ismail Radwan, representatives of Hamas, withdrew from the meeting without providing an explanation, the Ramattan news Agency reported.

Ibrahim Abu Al Naja read the statement of the committee, and called on the Palestinian Minister of Interior, Sa’id Siyam, to apprehend those responsible for Thursday’s attack on Abu Ghareeb.

Hamas was a member of the Follow-up Committee but withdrew and stopped attending its meetings.

The Committee stated that the Executive Force should withdraw its force from the street, and called on Haniyya to dismantle the forces and integrate its members into the existing security forces.

Also, the committee demanded Abbas to instruct the security forces to deploy in the streets and perform its duties in protecting the residents.

The Committee declared next Saturday as a day of national mourning in all districts in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and called on all factions and civil institutions to protest against chaos and insecurity.

Abdul-Hakim Awad, Fateh spokesperson, held a press conference in front of the Presidential headquarters in Gaza and said that the decisions of the Follow-up Committee “are not enough”.

Awad demanded Abbas to relieve the Palestinian Minister of Interior, Sa’id Siyam, from his duties “for the crimes that were carried out by the Executive Force”.

Awad added that the incidents in Khan Younis and Jabalia are “crimes that cannot pass unpunished, especially since they have been going on for several months”.

The Islamic Jihad movement and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, refused to sign on the statement of the Follow-up Committee.
The movement added that he committee should have waited for the results of the investigation committee before accusing any party and holding it responsible for the incidents.

The two movements criticized the killings and shootings that have been carried out by gunmen, and demanded an urgent investigation to uncover the parties behind these attacks.