Palestinian sources reported on Thursday at night that that gunmen
attacked several offices and institutions that belong to the Islamic
Resistance Movement, Hamas, in Jenin, in the northern part of the West
Bank. Fateh members and supporters held a protest in Jenin against the
recent clashes.

The Hamas-run news website reported that the gunmen burnt the Islamic Club in Jenin and obstructed the Civil Defense vehicles as they tried to reach the burning construction.

Sheikh Khaled Al Haj, one of Hamas political leaders, slammed the attack and the recent repeated attacks in Jenin, Ramallah and Gaza, and said that these attacks only serve the interests of the Israeli occupation.

He called for a direct end to all chaos and insecurity and demanded the Palestinian factions to unite and stop the internal clashes. 

Last night, Fateh members and supporters in addition representatives of several institutions held a protest at the main junction in Jenin against the recent violent clashes and the assassination of Mohammad Ghareeb, one of the leaders of the Palestinian Preventive Security force.

Five more Palestinians were killed during the Fateh-Hamas clashes on Thursday.

The protesteers expressed anger and rejection to the internal fighting and the insecurity in the Gaza Strip.

They called on all groups to stop the internal clashes that only serve the interest of the Israeli occupation.

Ata Abu Rmeila, Fateh secretary in the Jenin region said that the people in Jenin are angry and sad for what is going on in the streets of the Gaza Strip.

Abu Rmeila demanded Hamas to withdraw its Executive Force members and to dismantle the group. He considered the formation of the new force by Hams as a main source of tension.

The protesters said that these clashes are destroying the Palestinian society, the Palestinian struggle and called for halting all attacks.

Amer Al Sa’dy, Fateh secretary in Jenin city, denounced the assassination of Major Ghareeb, and said that Fateh will not stand idle while these attacks continue.

Fateh legislator, Nizar Al Shamy, said that a unity government cannot be created while these attacks and violations continue.

Al Shamy held Hamas and the Executive Force responsible for the recent violence and said that unity should not only be in words but also in practice, and called for protecting the residents, their properties and institutions.