Unknown gunmen shot dead a local Muslim cleric and wounded another in the central Gaza Strip on Friday.



Cleric Adel Nassar of the Maghazi refugee camp was shot to death as several bullets riddled his body, while stepping out of a local mosque in the Nuseirat refugee camp, where he delivered a Friday sermon prohibiting infighting among Palestinian factions, medical sources and witnesses said.

The sources added that Jebril Al-‘Aour, the cleric’s assistant, was also critically wounded in the attack.

A car loaded with gunmen approached the cleric and a group of locals,  before the gunmen sprayed the group with bullets, causing the instant death of Nassar and the injury of Al-‘Aour, witnesses confirmed.

Witnesses added that a detachment of the Palestinian national security force chased the assailants.  No further details are available.

At least 11 people have been killed over the last three days, and dozens of others have been wounded, during armed clashes between the Hamas movements' newly-formed Executive Force and the Fateh-affilated Palestinian Preventative Security Service ithroughout the Gaza Strip.