Israeli bulldozers demolished, on Wednesday at dawn, three Palestinian buildings in the Karam Al-Tuffah neighborhood, in the city of Lod, under the pretext of building without permit.

The bulldozers, guarded by police forces ,stormed three homes belonging to the Abu Shaaban family, in al-Tuffah, and transformed them into military barracks, locals reported, according to Al Ray.

The sources added that soldiers expelled the residents of their homes at gunpoint, then totally demolished the structures.

The Israeli occupation had displaced 32 of Abu Shaaban family, including women, children and elderly, locals also added.

One of the demolished home was still under construction.

Dozens of homes in the city of Lod, and a vast number of others, are continually threatened with demolition, under the pretext of building without permit or lack of land, whereas Israeli authorities, more often than not, refuse to grant Palestinians the needed permits.

The Palestinian population of al-Tuffah neighborhood, located near Tel Aviv, is comprised of about 1,200 people who are lacking the necessities of life and civil infrastructure, due to ongoing discriminatory Israeli polices.