Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, decided on Saturday that the Executive Force, formed by the Hamas controlled Ministry of Interior, is illegal and outlawed. Hamas in return decided to increase the number of its force to 12000.Abbas stated in his decree that the Executive Force will be dealt with as an illegal force unless its members are integrated into the recognized security devices in accordance with the basic Palestinian law.

Also, Abbas said that incidents of chaos and insecurity have increased, and assassinations were carried out against leaders, fighters and residents, including innocent children.

Abbas also decided on a series of procedures that includes appointing new security officers and transferring officers and members to different areas.

Meanwhile, Islam Shahwan, spokesperson of the Executive Force, said on Saturday evening that the force will increase its members to 12000, and challenged the authority of Abbas is outlawing or dismantling the force. 

Shahwan added that Abbas’ decision is hasty, and that Abbas should have attempted to reduce the tension and form specialized committees “instead of adding more tension to the area”.