Palestinian medical and security sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Saturday evening that three Palestinians were killed during armed clashes between two families in Gaza city; nine residents were injured. The clashes are related to the continuous armed violent clashes between Hamas and Fateh gunmen. 
The violence erupted as members of Al Deery family that supports Hamas and Daghmash family that supports Fateh exchanged fire in Al Sabra neighborhood in Gaza City.

The clashes took place near the house of Mahmoud Al Zahhar, the Palestinian Foreign Minister from Hamas.

The three killed residents are all members of Al Deery family; they were identified as Hasan Al Deery, 55, Ahmad Hasan Al Deery, Ahmad Hamad Al Deery. At least nine residents were injured, three seriously.

Meanwhile, Palestinian sources reported that members of Daghmash family abducted four members of the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, as they were present in al Maghraby Street in Al Sabra neighborhood.

The four are also members of the Executive Force formed by the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Interior.

In the northern part of the Gaza Strip, local sources reported that a member of Ghareeb family, that lost one its members by Hamas gunmen, burnt the house of Hamas legislator Yousef Al Shriafy.

The house of Al Shirafy is located din the opposite direction of the house of General Mohammad Ghareeb, who was killed by the gunmen. Ghareeb family released a statement denying responsibility.