Palestinian sources reported on Saturday evening that unknown gunmen fired at Dr. Marwan Al Qaddoumi, a lecturer at Al Najah University in Nablus, after ordering him to step out of his house in Rojeeb housing project east of the city. Al Qaddoumi suffered moderate-to-sever wounds.
Local sources reported that masked gunmen ordered Dr. Al Qaddoumi to step out of his house and fired at him inflicting moderate-to-sever wounds.

The gunmen were driving a car that parked it in front of the house of Al Qaddoumi, and shouted at him to step out; they fired at him directly after he stepped out of his house.

The 52-yea old lecturer was injured by four rounds of live ammunition in his legs and one round that mildly scratched his head.

He was moved to Rafidia hospital in Nablus and was immediately admitted to surgery.

In a separate incident, a person who identified him self as Abu Shrar, spokesperson of the “Army of Islam” said that his group will execute the vice-mayor of Nablus, Eng. Mahdi Al Hanbali, if Hamas attacks Daghmash family in the Gaza Strip.

In a phone call with the Maan News Agency, Abu Sharar said that the group is holding Al Hanbali captive and that he is in a good health and is being treated properly.

Al Hanbali, 24, was abducted on Saturday by gunmen in Nablus.