The Ramattan news agency reported on Monday that the Higher Follow-up Committee for National and Islamic Factions in the West Bank issued a statement calling for dissolving the Hamas-controlled Executive Force.The Committee also called for enforcing law and order and to prosecute all person and figures responsible for the internal violence and clashes.

The Committee also called for withdrawing arms and gunmen from the streets in order to avoid further clashes.

In its statement, the Committee called for dissolving of the Executive Force that was originally created by the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Interior and integrating its members in the Palestinian security devices after

The factions demanded all parties and figures involved in the conflict to “stop the bloodshed” and impose law and order by apprehending all persons responsible for the violent clashes.

The Committee also demanded all conflicting parties to stop the trading of accusations and to stop the attacks and abductions.

The factions that issued the statement appealed all factions to resume their internal talks, stop the attacks and agree on a National Unity Government that is capable of lifting the unjust siege imposed on the Palestinian people.