The general assembly of the Israeli Knesset approved in preliminary reading on Wednesday a proposal of a new Israeli law that authorizes the Israeli district court to withdraw citizenship from any Israeli who is proven to be not loyal to Israel”.

 The acts of “disloyalty” include visiting an “enemy state” and carrying the nationality of an enemy state. 

The Arabs48 news website said that this law is considered one “of a long list of laws targeting that Arabs in Israel, especially Arab Knesset members who visited Syria in recent years”. 

 Commenting on the law, Arab member of Knesset, Dr. Azmi Bishara, said that “the occupation did not only displace the native residents, but is also trying to prove the residency of those who remained in the country depends on an approval from the occupiers”. 

Bishara added that this law allows “an immigrant” to withdraw the citizenship from a native resident. 

“This is a colonial attitude against the Arabs”, Bishara stated, “This is political terrorism”. 

Arab member of Knesset Ahmad Tibi accused the Knesset of discriminatory practices, in which Arab members are required to ask permission, even to use the bathroom, while Jewish members of the Knesset are not. 

Last Sunday, the ministerial committee at the Knesset, approved the proposal of the law and submitted it to the Knesset’s General Assembly for voting. 

The Arabs48 news website said that the proposal of the new law was presented by Gilad Erdan, from the Likud party. 

If the law is approved, the Israeli District Court will be allowed to revoke residency of any resident “who carried an act that could be considered disloyal to the country”. 

Erdan said in his proposal that visiting “an enemy state or carrying its citizenship” is disloyal to Israel and the person who carried this act should have his residency revoked.