The jailed Fateh leader, Marwan Barghouthi, released a statement calling for the end of internal clashes and renouncing the violence that threatens the Palestinian people and their National interests.  In the statement, Barghouthi threatened to go on hunger strike if the clashes do not cease.Barghouthi, on behalf of the detainees, said that a hunger strike will be carried out if the internal clashes continue, adding that despite the bad conditions and abuse the Palestinian detainees face in Israeli jails, they will hold hunger strike in the coming days if the internal fighting does not stop.

Barghouthi called for national unity and for stopping all attacks that threaten the collapse of the Palestinian national interests and achievements. 

He called for considering the coming days, as days of national unity during which all residents should hold peaceful protests in the street carrying Palestinian flags as symbols of unity, and to call for ending the crimes and internal clashes that claimed the lives of children, men and women. 

Barghouthi demanded the Palestinian leaders of all national and Islamic factions to return to the internal dialogue and form a National Unity Government that is based on the Detainees’ Document. 

“We should all stop this fighting, all factions must stand firm against the dirty internal clashes”, he stated, “our guns should only be used in defending our country and people”. 

Barghouthi expressed sorrow and sadness over the continuous internal clashes. “We feel that these coward bullets, directed against each other, as a stab into the heart of our martyrs”, Barghouthi stated, “Thee stabs are in the heart of Yasser Arafat, Ahmad Yassin and all the martyrs, the wounded, the detainees and every fighter and every person who loves his country”.