Abdul-hakim Awad, spokesperson of Fateh movement headed by president Mahmoud Abbas, reported on Monday that security forces uncovered tunnels leading to houses and doorsteps of several senior Fateh leaders; the tunnels contained explosives.In a press conference in Gaza, Awad stated that the most recent tunnel was uncovered 48 hours ago. The tunnel starts from Salah Ed Deen area and leads to the entrance of a house of a senior national Security leader.

 Awad said that these tunnels were meant to be filled with explosives in order to assassinate Fateh leaders, and other security officers who use the road in their daily transportation.

 He held Hamas movement directly responsible for the tunnels and added that he informed leaders of national and Islamic factions on details regarding the tunnels.

 Hamas did not claim responsibility for the uncovered tunnels.

 Awad warned any attack against Fateh movement and its leaders would cause further escalation and inflame a new wave of internal fighting.


Also, Awad stated that four Fateh members were abducted on Sunday by Hamas gunmen; one of the abductees managed to flee.

 He added that gunmen opened fire at Hasan Abu Touha, a Fateh leader, in Al Shaty’ refugee camp west of Gaza City. Abu Touha was hit by several rounds of live ammunition.