Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and the Hamas political bureau chief in Syria, Khalid Mashal, met on Sunday, and discussed the efforts conducted for the formation of a National Unity Government. The two leaders issued a press release that was read by Ziad Abu Amro, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.


The press release stressed on four major points;


1. Stopping and rejecting the internal clashes, and smear campaigns.

2. Resuming the efforts to form a National Unity Government through two-week talks led by the National Dialogue Committee in Gaza.

3. Starting procedures to reactivate the Palestinian Liberation Organization within a month starting from today’s date.

4. Rejecting all forms of temporal solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.


On his part, president Abbas, said that he and Mashal agreed to act in order to stop the smear and incitement campaigns, and clashes between members of Fateh and Hamas.


Abbas also said that Fateh and Hamas representatives will meet in Gaza for further talks on the formation of the government.


Meanwhile, Mashal confirmed that Hamas believes that only the language of dialogue should be used and allowed in order to resolve the political differences, and expressed rejection to any solutions that would undermine the Palestinian legitimate rights.


He added that there are still some issues that remained unsolved, but further talks will be held in order to achieve the Unity Government.


The Abbas-Mashal conference came after two meetings between representatives of Fateh and Hamas, and a closed meeting between Abbas and Mashal.