Shlomo Brenitz, member of the Kadmia party, headed by the Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, suggested sending a European force to control the occupied West Bank.  

 The plan, which several Israeli media outlets considered revolutionary, suggests an Israeli withdrawal from “most” of the occupied territories, and handing them to a European force.

It also includes dismantling some, but not all, settlements; and apparently suggests the illegal annexation Wall should mark the borders of the “independent state”.  

The Maan News Agency reported that Breznitz revealed that he is going to present this plan on Wednesday at the ongoing Herzliya conference, taking place outside Tel Aviv.

Breznitz believes that this plan could be the solution to the current conflict, adding that it would offer a solution similar to the situation in southern Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The plan dubbed as the “international green house” plan, will place the international community responsible for the issue, rather than the United States, due to its involvement in Iraq.

The plan also says that the European forces would replace the Israeli forces gradually and would take up positions on the settlements which are to be evacuated according to Olmert's ' convergence' plan, Maan added.

According to the plan, the international force will be in charge of rehabilitating a Palestinian security force. This force would include police and army units that work in coordination with the Israeli army and intelligence services in order to combat the so-called terrorist organizations.