As factional infighting in Gaza continues for the fifth day consecutively, more people have been killed and wounded.

Medical sources in Gaza said that a Palestinian national security member in the city and a resident from Khan Younis city were killed, while at least ten others wounded during clashes yesterday, rising death toll to approximately 30.

Witnesses said that an armed clash erupted on Monday morning between militants near the Rashad Al-shawa cultural center in Gaza city, killing a national security member and wounding two passersby.

In the Khan Younis city, south of Gaza, a 40-old resident died of wounds he sustained earlier yesterday during clashes between Fatah and Hamas supporters.

Ten others were reportedly wounded. A group of militants attacked today morning the house of Nedal Alharsh, an Al-Aqsa Brigades leader of Fatah, in northern Gaza, wounding Alharsh moderately.

In a similar shootout, the house of another Fatah leader, Jamal Abu Eljidyan, came under heavy fire, as a local internet café was grossly damaged by gunmen.

Early on monday morning gunmen fired a bomb shell at the office of Fatah movement in the Alzaytoun neighborhood in Gaza city, as others opened heavy fire on the house of the Fatah-linked Rasem Albayari, head of the laborers union.

In the meantime, the Palestinian Preventive Security body called on residents living nearby not to allow militants to take positions on roof tops of their houses, a statement read. Such a call came as severe factional infighting has been breaking out in the vicinity of the Preventive Security headquarters in the Tal-Alhawa neighborhood in Gaza for the fourth day in a row.

Violence has hampered likely Palestinian talks on a national unity government that would be able to end the internationally-imposed economic embargo since a Hamas –led government was installed in January 2006.

The International community has set to Hamas three conditions for end of aids cut; renouncing violence, recognizing Israel’s right to exist and accepting past signed peace agreements.