Palestine sources reported that one Palestinian National security officer and a civilian man were killed on Monday at midday in the Gaza strip due to continuous infighting between Hamas and Fatah.

Mohamed Al Qassem, a Palestinian National security officer, a force affiliated with Fatah, was killed in downtown Gaza city on Monday at midday when a group from the executive security force, a force affiliated with Hamas, opened fire at his car.

A medical source in Gaza city stated that Al Qassem sustained fatal wounds in the head and died shortly after the injury.

In the meantime, Kamal Al Najli, 28, was shot in the head and killed while attending a protest in Khan Younis city in the southern Gaza strip amongst the state of lawlessness and infighting between the two rival parties of Hamas and Fatah.

Medical sources in Nasser hospital in Khan Younis said that Najli died of wounds in the head. Since Thursday afternoon feirce clashes have erupted between security forces and armed groups that belong to the two rival parties in Palestine, Hamas and Fatah.  So far this has lead to the death of at least 32 Palestinians.

Palestinian religious figures and community leaders have urged the Palestinian people to take the streets in massive protests demanding Fatah and Hamas to stop what was known in the past several months as the 'power conflict' in order to save the Palestinian nation from more deaths, or worse, a civil war.